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Whether you need - massive deployments and company-wide rollouts, review platform deployed in a remote site, last minute help before the audit, or that final push for a project that has been in the pipeline for months. Get consultant.

What we believe in
Helping businesses succeed in the digital world by implementing cutting edge technology.

Who we are

A small consultancy that works fast and closely with their clients to improve, change, or deploy their IT needs. With experience in retail, e-discovery, forensics, and events, we can recommend and implement perfectly tailored solutions.


What we do

Deliver projects at a shoestring budget with no time to spare. Firefighting is our second nature. Projects and improvements delivered always aim to make a long-lasting impact on the business. We migrate workflows from and to the cloud, take care of EUC devices and procurement, produce events and AV, and support your business IT.


How we do it

Over nine years in IT,  we've learned to work in an environment where everything could go wrong. We obsess over details and user experience, brought from retail to industries not usually known for that.

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With IT moving fast these days, hiring a geek can go a long way. Remake your business today.
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